vineyardprofile1Vineyard Chocolates is a new chocolate bar product line that features wine flavored chocolates! That’s right! You can enjoy a luxurious dark chocolate bar flavored with Cabernet, Merlot, or you may even like our Pino Grigio flavored white chocolate bars.

Our chocolate bars are made with organic chocolate that originates in the tropical climate of Venezuela. Venezuela produces the world’s richest chocolates, and when these chocolates are combined with our custom wine flavors, you will be in chocolate heaven.

Not only will you be experiencing chocolate like never before when you bite into one of our wine flavored chocolate bars, but Vineyard Chocolates also has a humanitarian side. Every Vineyard Chocolates purchase helps contribute to the cocoa farmers of Venezuela.

Be sure to see the Vineyard Chocolate’s product page to see a full list of products. Order your chocolates today so you can experience wine flavored chocolates!